Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Man Cave

I've been working on "the man cave" for several weeks now. The basement to my house has been used as a storage area for years. I had wanted to clean it out and fix an area for my grandson and I for some time, but lacked the motivation to tackle the enormous job. My oldest son decided to take it upon himself during a trip my wife and I took.

Although it is primarily an unfinished basement, I have worked hard, and am rather proud. And Zach, who is seven, is as excited as I am. I have posted pictures, signs, and "man cave" rules throughout the area.

But I have a problem. It's the girls. No, they haven't said anything. It's just that with the fun of the "man area", I fear someone may take me serious. And it is a little hard to think of the area being a man only room because of the pictures displayed. There are some girls included. You see, I am a family man. I have a daughter, and a daughter in law. I have a mom, and two sisters. And I have ladies in my life at the church, some that seem like sisters, some daughters, and some grandkids. They are all precious to me. These precious ladies are not excluded from my life. They are in every part-- my family, my worship, my friendship.

So I am at a dilemma, somewhat. I will leave the pictures up about the man cave. I will leave up the posted man cave rules. But you will also see pictures, memories, of both girls and boys, men and women in the cave.

Zach and I love our man cave. But girls are welcome. They are family!