Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Someone's crazy about you!

She called me a few minutes ago. When I saw the name on my cell phone, and the picture assigned to it, my heart leaped. It was my wife. After 41 years of marriage, and a year and a half of dating, I still get excited when I see her face, and hear her voice! The years and hardships haven't weakened our love, they have strengthened it. I am a blessed man!

The call wasn't about anything in particular. There was nothing romantic or exciting about the conversation. She had to run some errands, and was letting me know... It was just a simple phone call. Just a voice. Just a picture of a face. But it was hers. That sweet and pretty girl from Cliffside that I fell in love with years ago.

After our brief conversation that lasted no more than two or three minutes, I hung up the phone, and began reflecting about the call, and my reaction. And the thought came to me about love-- and God's love for us. Can you imagine how much He loves us? I think God gets excited when we communicate with Him, when we get excited about seeing and hearing from Him. He takes pleasure in our presence, in our voice, in our love for Him.

I challenge you today to fall in love again. Fall in love again with the girl, the boy, you fell in love with and married. And fall in love with God again. Come back to your first love. Get back in church. God's waiting for your call.

He's crazy about you!