Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Time to recharge the batteries

It happens to all of us. We left the car lights on, and the battery is drained. The same thing happens to our cell phone, Ipod, or laptop. We used them, and forgot to plug them back into the power source. A need to charge the system, or to recharge, not only happens to vehicles, appliances, and electronics, it happens in our lives. We go, we do, we run. Our busy lives can take a toll on our spirit. We become drained, without energy. And when we have no spiritual energy.

As a pastor, I tend to get to that place. I plan, go, meet, preach, teach. I organize, structure, and all the things that go with the territory. Most in ministry do. If we are not careful, we can become so work oriented that we lose the freshness of God. And when I lose the freshness, both I, and the people I serve, are affected. It is from His presence that we are blessed. Not impressive speeches or well polished programs. I need the fire of the Holy Ghost to be fresh. I hunger for Him!

I got to thinking about the recharge thing this morning. I got a call from my daughter. It seems she had gotten caught out in the rain yesterday afternoon, and upon returning home, had left her lights on. When she got ready to leave for work this morning, the car wouldn't crank. She needed a boost. Later, I sat down at my laptop, and it would not power up. It had become disconnected from the power source, and the battery needed to be recharged. In both instances, they needed a fresh connection with power in order to properly function.

I hope your batteries are charged today. I want to make sure that I keep mine fully charged. I'm going to be prayed us, praised, up, and in the word. I plan on making sure I guard my mind and my heart. I need to be charged up so that I can recharge others!

Friday, May 14, 2010

The wind is blowing

I sat this morning in my lounge chair with a book and notepad in hand. My wife and I have taken a few days to get away and relax. We often get away in order to be refreshed of the Lord. But this time was different. There is a refreshing going on in our local church. It has been building and growing for about the last two months!

While away, I have been working on some things I believe are necessary to take our local house of the Lord to the next level. I sense that we must prepare ourselves for the increase God is giving us, and that which is yet to come.

I watched the ocean waves coming in. They kept coming with great intensity. I heard the rushing of the waters. I felt the wind blowing. And what I was feeling and seeing in the natural realm, I believe God is doing in the Spirit. There is a fresh wind blowing from heaven.

Get ready! The wind is blowing, the waves of God are increasing. Get ready for the overflow of God.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's easier to build a wall than a bridge

I have found in life that it is easier to build walls than it is to build bridges. As a matter of fact, in the spiritual sense, it doesn't take much effort to build walls. Walls have been erected through the years, in nations, communities, homes, and churches.

We build walls through racial prejudice, walls through pride. Walls are built through bitterness and unforgiveness. We had rather shield ourselves from the risk of further hurt or misunderstanding, than to open ourselves to being vulnerable again.

You may be a builder of walls. There may be walls in your life. They serve the purpose of keeping others out, but they also keep you shut in. I have been a builder of walls before. In my deepest pain, I erected walls. I would walk the other way at the sight of one whom I perceived had caused me pain, and acted as if I never saw them. The truth is, I had. But I had built a wall. And the wall kept me locked in to the pain of my past. What kind of walls are you building?

The bible says of Job, that "the Lord turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends." (Job 42:10) These were not exactly the kind of friends you appreciate. They were accusers of Job. When he needed their encouragement, they turned on him with venomous accusations about his relationship with God. But when Job decided to no longer be bitter against his friends, he was opened to restoration of God. Blessings came. Victory returned. He received twice as much. Job went from a wall builder to a bridge builder.

Yes, I have been a wall builder in times past. But I have retired from that occupation. I am now building bridges. It takes more effort. Costs more. You build bridges, you give people the freedom of walking out of your life. But you also allow them the freedom of walking back in, if they choose to do so in the future.

I am in Kingdom business. I know there will be those with me at this stage, that will not be at the next. But I will nevertheless keep the bridge open. In the future, some who walked away may be connected, or reconnected to the vision. I can't afford to have a wall to someone who I need, and who needs me.

I'm bridge building...

Friday, May 7, 2010

Shake yourself loose!

I awoke this morning with the song, "Shake yourself loose" on my mind. I think the dance team at our church has done a presentation of the song in dance. I posted a version of it from the Ramp on my Facebook and Twitter pages.

Sometimes we need to just shake ourselves loose. From attitudes and thoughts that are wrong. From pressures that seem to get us down. From any problems that bind us. None of us are exempt from them. I can testify from experience that it is easy to get bogged down when things come your way.

I want to encourage you to shake yourself today. The Apostle Paul shook off the serpent that attached to him, and felt no harm. What should have killed him had no effect on him. Sometimes you've just got to shake off every attack that comes against you. You can make it through this. Get up, get a word in you, stir up your inner man. You've got people to reach, lives to touch. Others need your anointing.

I'm praying for you today!