Monday, June 30, 2008


News just being released tells us of a study that shows that mice being given the equivalent of six to eight cups of coffee a day are less likely to develop a disease similar to multiple scerosis.
As I read the study, I wondered what kind of guys sit in a lab, and say something like, "hey, let's give these rats eight cups of coffee for a six months, and see what that will do". Then after the study, they review all their rat information to find that the high addiction to caffeine greatly reduces the threat of the above said disease.
I'm no rat scientist, but I figure that with a rat's size, and my size, that I could probably have about six to eight hundred cups per day. Just when I was about to get excited and have myself another cup of java, the study continued with this...
...However, experts recommend no more than five cups a day, amid evidence higher doses can worsen diabetes.
I wonder what they can test the mice on for diabetes. How about fried chicken, or banana puddin'? ... something good to go with my java.
Seriously, I appreciate all the research. This is just an attempt at some light hearted humor.
Y'all be blessed,
Pastor Ronnie

Saturday, June 28, 2008


It's Saturday night, and there ain't much on TV. I just got home from vacation, and I don't want anything heavy on TV tonight. I would enjoy a good comedy show, but clean ones are rare. And kids cussin' or someone spewing off profanity while trying to tell jokes that aren't funny do nothing for me.

I need a little Andy and Barney, or the Beverly Hillbillies style. I can remember when you could actually get decent things to watch on TV. Yes, I am blessed to have access to a TV that has about a dozen religious channels. And sometimes I watch them. Other times, I just want to laugh, or cry as the case may be. If I can't find a good comedy, a good movie with a beautiful ending will do.

I enjoy the days we live in, with all the modern conveniences. And please don't label me as being stuck in the past, but there are some things I miss. Like....

RC Colas and moon pies. RCs gave you two more ounces, and I remember needed the extra two as a kid.

Hair oil.

Open windows at night in your home, with a fan in the window sucking in the outside air.

Saturday cartoons like Foghorn Leghorn, the Road Runner, and Yosemane Sam.

Rainbow Lake.

Drive in theatres with hot dogs and fries, and pop corn.

Pogo sticks.

Hula hoops.

Leisure suits.

The Beatles.

Conway and Loretta.


My first car, a 56 Plymouth. It was lime green with a sprayed on "vinyl" top, and 2 chrome wheels on the front. I thought I was something!

My first date with Trish. She was the prettiest thing I had ever seen. Dated her a year and a half, and then married her at the ripe old age of 17 (me) and 14 (her). We've been married now for 37 and 1/2 years, and she is still the prettiest girl in any room we walk into.

I remember marrying that pretty girl.

I remember all of our kids births, and the special events of their lives. I remember holding back the tears at weddings, graduations, and them leaving for college.

I remember waiting on our first grandchild- it was well worth the wait!

I remember when I heard the news that President Kennedy was assassinated.

Also Martin Luther King.

I remember 9/11.

I remember walking down the aisle and getting saved, 34 years ago. It was in a little Baptist church that no longer exists today. But it left a mark on my life.

I remember my first love. How passionate I was. I remember my prayer life, my convictions. I want it back!

Those are some of the things I remember. What brought about these remembrances was the recent news of closings of several local businesses. Goodies, a staple of clothing for a number of years, is gone. Friedman's jewelry has gone bankrupt-- there goes one of my favorite places to get Trish something for Christmas. Even Ryan's has closed pretty much everywhere else, and, from the look of things, is about to here. Will the next generation know of the things that have been a part of our lives.

Stores can come and go, but of this I am sure: I want my children, and my children's children to know the fire of God. I don't want sin, compromise, and left wing politicians and movements to shift us away from our legacy He wants to leave.

That's it for tonight. Signin' off with a tear, and a prayer...
Pastor Ronnie

2 for 1 Deal...MY OOPS...and SMORGASBORD BLOGS


As a Saturday special, I am giving a two blogs for one price deal today. You can recieve these two blogs for free by sending your tithes to... Oh, who am I kidding? Blogs are free. Anyway, the part about 2 blogs in one is correct. Here they are:

I made a mistake. While reading my own latest genious idea for a blog (the license plate one), I realized that I had made an error. As I am aware there are some people as smart or smarter than I am who read this, I felt compelled to make the correction. I am sure my blunder has already been caught by some, who through sympathy have restrained themselves from laughing about it to my face:)

Like the man that I am, I am going to lay the fault of this mistake anywhere I can except on me. The reason I made the error was because of the tiredness of my body, the many things going on in my mind, the things I have gone through, I was distracted-- you can pick any one of those you want. It is a multiple choice list, and I will accept either one as the correct answer.

OK, here's the mistake: I said in the previous blog about the license plate that Howie Mandell hosts the program, "Are you smarter than a 5th grader"? As you know, Howie hosts "Deal, or no deal". It is the redneck guy, Jeff Foxworthy, that hosts the "smarter than a 5th grader" show I made reference to.

I appreciate everyone who reads my blog. In case you don't know, I will tell you. Some of them are serious, and are meant to be. Some are spiritual, and I mean for them to be. Some of them are light hearted, comical, or thought provoking, and I intend for them to be when I write them. My blogs are a variety of what is going on in my life, family, church, or the world around me. It is from my view, and I share it via cyberspace. Like a buffet line or smorgasbord, there are different spices, tastes, and flavors. I hope you enjoy them. I enjoy getting comments. It lets me know you are reading, and they have provoked you to thinking.

I also want to encourage some of you to lighten up a little. Everything doesn't have to be full scale serious or super spiritual to be from God. God enjoys the holy, but He also enjoys the humor-- He created it. God gave us imagination. Look at some of the imageries used in the bible to describe Him, or His works. He spoke about trees clapping their hands in praise. Have you ever seen a tree with hands?

That's it for today...
Y'all be blessed!
Pastor Ronnie

Thursday, June 26, 2008


News came out this week that 10,000 North Carolina license plates are up for recall or return. There's nothing materially wrong with the plates... It's just the letters.

It seems a 60 year old grandmother was informed some time last year by a grandchild about the license plate fiasco. This grandma got in touch with the proper authorities who could do something about the present dilimena. It seems that not only were there 10k plates printed up at our expense that will need to be recalled, but the NCDMV license plate agency web page also is in need of correcting. Of all plates that the state of NC could pick to advertize, it seems this one was chosen.

And it took the kids to figure it out. OMG, LOL! These braniacs that text everywhere and everything. You see, the NC license plates had these offending initials on them: WTF

If you don't know what all the fuss is about, and WTF stands for, ask a kid. I really am not encouraging a kid to say these vulgar words, just making the point. To the world out there, the letters are an acronym for a slang (nasty) expression.

Howie Mandell hosts the program, "Are you smarter than a 5th grader"? Here in North Carolina, we apparently are not.

That's it for today!
Pastor Ronnie

Monday, June 23, 2008


Sometimes life can get hectic. The busyness of the daily routine, the work schedule, school, home duties, family cares. This doesn't include church involvement, community events, and all the things that take a bite out of your week. And so, we find ourselves worn emotionally, physically, and even spiritually. The Psalmist David spoke about a heart that was overwhelmed. I've been there, and you have, too!

Someone a number of years ago gave a name to this syndrome as "burnout". Burnout is when you have burned the candle on both ends, and have no more to give. Burnout is when you're going through the motions, but your gas tank is empty. Burnout is when physically you may be ok, but you feel as if you go through another day with the same routine, you're going to go crazy. I know what burnout is, 'cause I've been there.

Jesus told his disciples on one occasion to take a break. He said, get away into a quiet place, a secluded place. (Mark 5:31) In the midst of the disciples giving Jesus the report of all their great accomplishments, of the lives that had been changed in the meetings, the Lord got real spiritual with them... He said, take a break before you break.. Come apart, before you come apart. That's not what it said in KJV, but that's what is says in RRSS (Ronnie's redneck southern slang).

The Lord knew the importance of being replenished. So, yes, he did get real spiritual. In essence, he was saying, your body cannot keep up this pace. Get away, enjoy yourselves, rest and have recreation.

That's what I am doing this week. I'm taking a break with my family. It's our annual family getaway. We had looked forward to this time for several months now. The rental house at Ocean Lakes had been paid for in advance, reservations had been made. I desperately needed this break, as I was about to "break".

But then my dad went into the hospital for some tests. The tests showed a problem that needed immediate attention. Surgery would be required the next day. Some more difficult news regarding what was discovered came, but the doctor said he would deal with that later. Dad would be in the hospital for about a week, and then treatments would be set up later. Immediately I thought of cancelling our trip, but then looked at the window that had been given, and realized Dad would be at home recuperating, and then go for treatments later. However, dad didn't recover as the doctor had anticipated, and tests revealed a problem. So they went back in to correct a situation that had occurred. So daddy was put into ICC, where he remains to this point. I sent the family on Saturday, as I stayed behind. Then, Saturday night, mom, dad, brothers and sisters encouraged me to join the wife, kids, and grandkid on the vacation. And so, here I am. I sit here listening to His Radio, looking at the lake directly in front of our house, with the water fountains shooting up. It is relaxing. My bible is here, and I've gotten a fresh word from heaven this morning. But all the while, I keep thinking about daddy. It's hard to get away when you're concerned about other things.

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers. Continue to do so. Michael (son in law) will begin treatments for his stem cell transplant upon returning home.

P.S. I am blogging from a laptop Trish got for her birthday. Our emails aren't programmed in, so I don't have access to them (don't know how to get remote access). You can probably respond from this blog, and I will get it.

Pastor Ronnie

Saturday, June 21, 2008


We say the words, sing the songs, and quote the scriptures about the goodness of God. The words are great encouragement, and are truth. Our God is a good God! And He is good all the time. In the up times, down times, glad times, and sad times, God is still good. When I'm on the mountain top or when I'm in the lowest valley, the truth still remains.

Difficult times do not negate the greatness of God. There are seasons in our lives when we are going through a trying season. It may be a marriage or relationship crisis, financial difficulty, sickness or disease. Whatever you're facing right now, I just want to remind you today...


Be blessed,
Pastor Ronnie

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Sunday, June 22, will be the birthday of my best friend. I'm speaking of my beautiful wife, Trish. I know the Lord hand picked her for my life, and could not imagine what it would be like to be without her. We have been married for 37 years now, and we dated for a year and a half. To say that she is my child hood sweetheart is correct. We married young, and have never spent a night apart, other than my being on a missions trip, or a men's retreat, or her something similar.

I''ve called her by different names during the years. Some of the names I've called her have been my pet names for her, and some of them are names attributed to her relationship in the family. With 4 kids, all grown now, I've called her mom. With the addition of a grandchild, I call her maw maw. The pet names have changed through the years. I don't even remember them all. The one that has stuck the last 10 years has been Sunshine. The newest one is Pretty Girl. It is used here at home, from me to her.

Trish is truly a Proverbs 31 woman. Everything I am is linked to her being the blessing she is. She has been a godly wife, a godly mother and influence to our kids and grandkid, and an example to the church.

You may be asking, why blog something so personal? Why not put something on here that everyone can benefit from? My answer is this: We live in a world that places less and less value today on those who serve us and bless us. I wanted to take this time to "give honor unto whom honor is due"...

I love you, Trish, Mom, Maw Maw, Sunshine, Pretty Girl. I hope you have a great birthday and a blessed week.

Thanks for reading my blog. Y'all have a blessed week.
Pastor Ronnie

Monday, June 16, 2008


We've received numerous words of encouragement from the community, and area churches regarding my father's illness. He remains in the hospital, and is recovering from the surgery. Future treatments have not yet been discussed, and I imagine will be a couple of weeks away before we know anything further in that regard.

Thanks so much to those of you who have called, stopped by, or have seen us out in a place of business or somewhere in the area. Thanks also to our home church, New Harvest, and to churches in the community who have put dad on the prayer list. This goes for our networking churches as well. It is a blessing to know that when you are faced with adversity, people are there to lift you up unto the Lord.

I wanted to take this time via the blog to express our sincere appreciation. Please continue to lift dad, mom, and the entire family up to the Lord.

Pastor Ronnie

Saturday, June 14, 2008


It has been somewhat of a hectic week for me, and for the family. I haven't taken the time to blog because of things going on. My dad had surgery yesterday, and our time and focus has been there.

With the things going on, I'm sort of blogged out. I love to communicate, both via the pulpit, and via cyberspace. But sometimes you're just emptied out-- that's sort of where I am, and I hope you understand.

I want to wish all the fathers a very special father's day. Thank you for loving your family, your wife, and your kids. Thank you for being a hard worker. Thank you being faithful to God, and to the church.

We give honor to all dads, and we pay our respects to the memories of those gone on.

Pastor Ronnie

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Got a little bad news from the doctor today. My dad will have surgery tomorrow. Please remember him, and the family, in your prayers. We know God is able.

Pastor Ronnie

Monday, June 9, 2008


Sometimes I think the politicians just don't get it. I try to keep any political opinions to myself, and not use the pulpit for a platform for either side of the political system. But it seems the Washington politicians leave us wondering if anyone out there really understands the little guy.

I watched some of the earlier debates of the past year, both of the Republicans and the Democrats. I liked some of what Governor Huckabee had to say. However, unlike some of my pastor friends and church members, I don't think his being a former pastor qualifies him for the position. I also liked some of what our North and South Carolina native said. John Edwards spoke of his roots, his dad working in the cotton mill. But it seemed that his platform was too narrow. I got tired of hearing the same sermon, er, political speech about cotton mills. Most of us around here had family that worked in cotton mills.

So now the field is narrowed to two. We will choose from the oldest or youngest to run for president The youngest, Senator Obama, promises plenty. What people fail to realize is some of the plenty he is promising comes from raises in taxes. You see, money doesn't grow on trees. So every promise he makes, and he is making plenty, must be met by an ability to produce the said promise. Then, there's Senator McCain. Some of his ideas are as old as his platform backgrounds... stuck in the 80s. And there is the concern that he will keep us in the same direction of the current administration. While I support some of the decisions of the President, it is painfully apparent that in all his attempts at providing a safe world for us, we have become a nation that has forgotten about its own. President Bush is not to blame for everything bad going on in the economy, but he must carry the burden of a lot of it. And another 4 or 8 years of this direction may bankrupt America.

Even the stars are being affected. Ed McMahon is about to lose his multimillion dollar house. Same with Evander Hollifield. Pardon me if I don't have a lot of sympathy for the multi extravagant lifestyles of the rich and famous, but here in the real world, the little people are struggling. People who make $6 an hour and pay $4 for a gallon of gas. People whose groceries, utilities, and pretty much everything affected has been raised, while they have lost their jobs or are working part time.

Raise the minimum wage? It's easy to say. Have you considered the small business that barely makes ends meet to survive? I have. We have one. Our daycare is an extension of ministry. By the time we pay our staff, cover the cost of taxes, insurance, and costs of operation, there is nothing left. Our teachers have been at the same pay scale for 2 and 1/2 years. The only option I have to change it is to charge more for keeping the kids. The fee hasn't been raised during this time, and it is difficult for me to even consider it. You see, I understand. To raise fees to a family that doesn't have enough money left to put food on the table is a decision I don't want to make. And so, we operate on a shoestring budget and a prayer.

Trish and I raised 4 kids on a minimum salary. There were times our kids couldn't get school pictures, couldn't go to the show, couldn't do some things the other kids could do. I understand completely what it is to not have an extra dollar. I did thirty years ago, when we were raising our kids. And I do today.

It's the economy. If somebody in Washington can fix it, they'll get my vote. I'll preach Jesus, win the lost, and reach out to the community with a vibrant church. I am one among many that can help fix the spiritual climate. We need some help with the economic.

That's it for today. Give me your feedback on these or other blogs.

Be Blessed,
Pastor Ronnie


I saw an unusual sight the other day....

We have an outside water fountain at the church. It stands probably around 5 or 6 foot to the top, and has 3 bowls, the largest being at the bottom, and the smaller ones ascending to the top. At the tip of the fountain is the opening spring of water that comes from the pump located at the base.

I love running water. I also have a fountain in my pool that shoots water up into the air. I love the sound of the waves crashing at the ocean, of a running brook. It is refreshing to me. And so, our church water fountain is both a place of beauty and refreshing.

Now back to the unusual sight, and the theme of the blog. I actually didn't see this firsthand, but the ladies and kids at the daycare did. Someone had looked out the window and noticed a dog in the bottom tier of the water fountain. They took a picture of it. It appeared to be a short mutt of about 3 feet in length, and maybe a foot to two foot tall. I'm not sure how the dog reached the bottom tier of the fountain, which is about 3 foot from the ground. But there he was, laying in the fountain. Apparently the 100 degree heat of the last few days got to him, and he had to have some water. It didn't appear from the picture that the fountain had been turned on, but it was apparent he was enjoying the water, nonetheless.

The picture and the story they told me at the daycare reminded me of the scripture from Psalms, where David said, "As the dog pants after the water fountain..."

Now, before you get mad at me, I know David said as the deer pants after the water brook. I was just paraphrasing. The deer David saw and the dog our daycare kids and staff saw had the same thing in mind: on a hot and dry day, they needed the fountain of water to quench their thirst David was using an analogy to paint a picture of being thirsty after God.

Gotta go... I hear the water fountain of my pool calling. Hey, by the way, we've got a lot of deer in this neck of the woods. If I see one at the church fountain, or at my pool, I'll let you know.
In the meantime, if you're thirsty, there is a thirst quenching water of the Holy Spirit that is available.

Be Blessed,
Pastor Ronnie

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Gotcha, didn't I? If you're like me, your first impression is, "what's making him gag?" But I did not say gag, I said g.a.g. I used an acronym. The initials (at least for my purpose) stand for "Go After God." This is my purpose, and this is my passion... to go after Him.

The Apostle Paul spoke about going for the prize, about a pursuit to lay hold of the One who had hold of him. Paul was like a spiritual madman whose pursuit of Christ and the anointing led him to abandon everything behind him, for this one noble purpose.

I, too, am on a journey. I have been on it for a while now. But, I must confess that there have been times when I drifted from the pursuit. Times when I took for granted my relationship. Times when I allowed the cares of the world to pull me in. I became distracted from the main attraction. But I feel a stirring inside me, and I sense that God is doing it in others also.

Yeah, I have been known to "gag" at things whose taste was obnoxious. I have "gagged" at odorous smells. And spiritually, I have "gagged" at indifference, sin, idolatry, lust, unbelief, unforgiveness... well, you get the idea. These things hold back a church. Jesus basically told the church at Laodecia that He was about to "gag." The word he used was vomit.

My "g.a.g." is to follow after God. David said, "my soul follows hard after thee"... That's it-- I invite you to g.a.g. with me, with prayer, worship, obedience, hunger.

Be blessed,
Pastor Ronnie

Monday, June 2, 2008


I must confess that I am from the "old school". I believe the bible to be the infallible, undisputable word of God. And I believe everything it says... I believe what is says about giving. Which is why it concerns me about some people.

People who say they love God, but do not support His church. They may drop a dollar in here or there, but they do not consistenly give. And giving is God's system for finances the local church. The tithe is the specific amount. Anything over the tithe is a freewill offering. But the tithe is holy unto the Lord. It is a tenth of your income.

There are those who tithe like they tip. Little, or nothing at all. I believe in tipping a good waiter or waitress. I have even tipped a bad one on occasion, figuring they might be having a difficult day. On only one or two occasions can I think of in the last decade have I walked away without leaving anything. And on those occasions the service was so terrible that it was inexcusable.

Some church folks will tip a waitress, but not tithe unto God. A lack of tithing is a lack of heart commitment and a lack of trust. It indicates that either I don't trust God or trust the leadership He has put me under in the local church. There are those who consider themselves exempt from the biblical mandate of tithing. After all, they gave a donation to goodwill. Or they helped the pastor out by running an errand. Or they sent their tithes to an anointed TV preacher.

I guess this is burning in my heart today because I see so much more we could be doing in the local church I pastor if everyone would get on board and be a giver.

That's it for today. I often end with a salutation that says "Be blessed". But the fact is, if you're robbing God, you are under the curse.

Pastor Ronnie