Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The "C" word

I'm sitting in the church office when I'm asked to take a call. It is from a lady who wants prayer. I ask for her first name and then inquire if she wants to share the area she is asking for prayer. I can tell from the sound of her voice that she is nervous and fearful. She tells me that she has an appointment with the cancer doctor. I attempt to comfort her with scriptures and encouragement. I proceed with offering a prayer for her.

The tone of her voice sounds better as she thanks me for the prayer. I am grateful that I've had an opportunity to lift someone's spirit and to encourage them to lean on an awesome God.

As I hang up the phone, my heart goes out to her. I can identify. I've fought this battle. I hate cancer with a passion

#faith #trust #prayer. #God #hatecancer